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Happiness in life comes with good health.

HealthCity Asia supports you with a comprehensive mobile App to improve and maintain your health and provides you with easy access to health, wellness, medical and lifestyle services.

The HealthCity App is the only App in the world that combines health, wellness, lifestyle, medical and financial services in one service. You do not need to switch from and to various non-integrated Apps and services, everything about your health is available in one integrated App.

Everyone wants to stay healthy and it can be a challenge and costly to find out how to become more healthier. Information, apps, healthcare services are very fragmented and it is difficult to understand who to believe and what is applicable in your situation.

The HealthCity App has all information and functionality to make an easy start to keep yourself healthy with information on food, exercises, daily routines and a health score based on your daily activity, food intake and other factors that contribute to your health. Many health and fitness devices like fitness watches are connected to the HealthCity App to measure and keep track of your exercises and general health.

If you need more assistance, healthcare professionals are just one click away to advise and support you to understand workouts, food composition, the way daily routines have impact on your health. In case you feel unwell, the app has a diagnosis tool that will be able, based on questions and answers and your health and medical data stored in the app, to determine your medical issues. The App provides you with a report and medical doctors are one click away and 24/7 available to help you to get the right treatment and medicine. The diagnosis tool helps you to detect any medical issues early to prevent serious medical issues and high medical cost in a later stage.

If you are a patient and treated for medical issues, the HealthCity App supports you, together with clinics, doctors, nurses and specialists to get better. The HealthCity App gives you direct access to medical staff in case of issues, simple follow up meetings and medical staff is able to monitor you when you are recovering at home which saves you time, cost and trouble to get to clinics and hospitals. Prescribed medicine will be available for you and caregivers to collect at pharmacies or can be delivered to your doorstep.

The HealthCity App is also able to, on your request and if enough health and medical data is available to determine your vulnerability for diseases in the future with all information and support available to help you to prevent these diseases.

A online health store and pharmacy is available in the HealthCity App with all non-prescribed medicine, health and wellness products and health devices for tracking and monitoring purposes. The store also provides fitness and wellness clinic packages, lifestyle and financial products.

Many people are under-insured in Asia and medical treatment is expensive. When you or one of your family members get seriously ill or is injured due to an accident, the cost can quickly go up to a level that causes financial distress in your daily life. If you are not insured, it is too late to do anything about the financial burden and in most cases you will continue treatment. The HealthCity App supports you with different personalized health insurance products that are affordable in your situation and reduces the financial burden in case of medical issues in the family. Based on your and your families' health and medical records the HealthCity App is able to provide you with the best possible insurance in your specific case.

In case your are still under-insured, the HealthCity App also provides medical loans and saving products as another way to pay for your medical bills.

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