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HealthCity Asia

Creating better lives for everyone


Developing innovative healthcare for Asia

HealthCity Asia connects health care services and technology in a Digital Health Ecosystem, an interconnected set of digital and physical services where customers can fulfill a variety of health, wellness, lifestyle and medical needs in a single integrated experience!


HealthCity is a Digital Health Ecosystem delivering a comprehensive digital-first healthcare platform based on innovative integrated HealthTech solutions.


HealthCity motivates people to get healthier and supports them with seamless access to trustworthy, 24/7 available and integrated healthcare services


HealthCity solves the problem of people dealing with the fragmented, complex and costly digital and physical health and medical care services and unavailability of quality and urgent health care and supplies.

Seamless access to health, wellness, medical and financial services

The HealthCity App is for daily use and combines and provides digital, easy and seamless access to a comprehensive portfolio of digital and physical health care services and information, available for everyone who is health conscious, patients, care givers, doctors and clinics.

Contributing to solve under-insurance and low resource regions

Under-insurance and the lack of medical support in rural areas is still a problem in Asia. HealthCity Asia supports efforts of governments and NGO's to solve these problems.

The HealthCity app will bring medical support closer to to anyone in need of healthcare services in rural areas and will be able with support of local organisations to provide medical assistance, deliver medicine, etc.

Micro insurance is part of the HealthCity Asia proposition where small monthly amounts for medical savings or insurance will create financial safety-nets for everyone who cannot afford expensive healthcare products.

HealthCity Asia provides services to reduce the business cost of sick employees and group insurance.

By giving employees access the the HealthCity App including the specific healthcare benefits provided by the company and insurer, cost of medical leave and doctor visits will be reduced. By implementing specific company rewards and benefits for a healthy lifestyle, included in the HC app the company will experience lower medical leave and insurers are able to lower the group insurance premium based on yearly employee health statistics. 

Saving business cost with Employee healthcare


HealthCity Asia

229 Mountbatten Road

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Singapore 398007

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