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Financial Support

HealthCity Asia provides in the HealthCity App financial support to mitigate the risks of sudden financial losses due to medical expenses and death of a family member. If you do not have medical and/or life insurance to counter the negative financial consequences of death, accidents and medical treatments, you might find yourself, your household and/or your small business in financial distress which might lead to a fall back to a less fortunate financial situation with no savings, reserves and retirement savings.

Insurance is mostly expensive and serves only a part of the society, where a large group of the population can not afford and therefore does not have insurance, overall affecting the economy in a negative way. HealthCity Asia provides various insurance products including micro insurance for the less fortunate population.

Primarily the HealthCity app gives access to affordable personal accident, health and life insurance as much as possible personalized to your specific personal and family situation.

It also provides medical emergency loans and medical saving products in case insurance is not available for certain treatments or tests.

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