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The best Health support App

The HealthCity App gives you full access to all your health, wellness. medical and financials needs. The App provides you with activity trackers including connectivity to fitness watches and other devices, calorie counters, nutrition advice and a personal health score to monitor your health.

A full health encyclopedia is available in the App with the possibility to connect to a specialist for more information. If you want professional help to become healthier, a comprehensive network of clinics for all kinds of wellness support are connected and available to give you the support you need.

In case you feel unwell and/or need to see a doctor the HealthCity App gives you access to a digital diagnosis tool to determine your illness and connects you to a doctor, emergency services or a pharmacy for immediate medical support.

The HealthCity App also includes a health store with a wide ranger of health, wellness, medical and financial products at low cost and home delivery.



The activity function gives access to activity trackers for most of the fitness activities like running, walking, cycling, rowing, core strengthening and HIIT. A wide range of devices like activity watches and GPS devices are supported as well as integration with several of the most popular activity apps.

The HealthCity App measures your activity based on the fitness device inputs and gives you a full overview of your fitness achievements in burned calories, heart rate, steps and in case of outdoor activity where you did your exercise which you can share with other users and your friends on social media.

The HealthCity App provides also training exercises, HITT training schedules and visual examples on the right way to exercise and use of fitness and other exercise equipment.


The nutrition function support you with managing your food and drink intake. This function calculates, based on your inputs, your calorie intake and scores your food on carbohydrates, fat and protein with advice on the maximum intake based on your set goals.

The nutrition function includes a comprehensive food library, recipes and is able to connect you to a Dietitian who will be able to help you with a diet to achieves your goals.

Health Score

Health Score

Based on your activity, diet, weight and other factors that can be detected or manually added, a health score will be calculated in real time. The health score moves up or down in real-time, depending on how your body, emotional well-being or lifestyle data changes.

The Health score is based on who your are, how you feel and how you live and uses data like your daily steps, weight, your daily sleep, activities, calorie intake, questions on how you feel during the day and social media data.

The health score function creates and updates your health profile which can be used for other functions in the HealthCity App.

Unwell diagnosis

Unwell Diagnosis

The Unwell diagnosis function helps you to self diagnose your current health complaints or concerns. The diagnosis function incorporates the medical expertise of doctors who have been given their input to this function.

Just like a sympathetic human physician, the diagnosis function converses with the user to understand their current complaints or concerns and uses your health profile to compute the probable causes of their symptoms. First, the diagnosis function analyzes the your current symptoms in the context of relevant data from your health profile, including age, gender, prior medical conditions, medications etc. Next, based on your symptoms, the function will be able, based on your data and the repository of doctor knowledge and data, to apply doctor-sourced clinical expertise and guide you to the right level of doctor-recommended care.


The function can immediately route a patient towards a variety of solutions that doctors previously suggested to people like them in similar situations.

Medical Support

Medical Support

In case you need medical support, you want to see a doctor, specialist, nurse, caregiver, a 24/7 virtual clinic is available to attend to your immediate questions and needs. You will be able to share the unwell diagnosis report and your health and medical details with the doctor, nurse or caregiver for immediate action.

The HealthCity App also gives access to physical medical clinics, medical emergency services, pharmacies and specialist clinics for appointments, intake video calls, follow up video calls and share recovery progress based on medical device readings you use as a patient at home for recovery monitoring.

Health Store

Health Store

A comprehensive health store is included in the HealthCity App and supplies everything you need to get healthier and in case of recovering, to recover from medical treatment. The store supplies activity trackers, fitness watches, medical devices such as blood pressure devices, blood sugar devices, (e)books and (e)magazines on health, wellness and lifestyle, health providers subscriptions, memberships and packages, etc.

The health store also provides a full ePharmacy including 24/7 delivery of medicine and medical supplies.

Health Information

Health Information

All information about your health, your physical body, wellness, diseases, lifestyle, nutrition, activity, exercises, etc. is available in the online Health library that is part of the HealthCity App.

Additionally you can subscribe to regular news on several topics to stay updated on all developments in healthcare.

The App also has message boards on several health topics to communicate with health experts, like-minded people, patients, etc.

Financial Support

Financial Support

If you need financial support to protect yourself from high medical bills or get a urgent medical loan for a necessary treatment of test, the HealthCity App gives you direct access to loan facilities, insurance products, health saving products, etc.

Digital advisors are available to advise you on the best product for you or provide you with a personalized insurance policy. If you want to talk to a human adviser, simply reach out through the HealthCity App to a specialist financial adviser.


More functions

Many more lifestyle functions are available in the HealthCity App such as:

- Elderly remote care

- Weather forecasts - Allergy warnings

- Traveling - Prevention, emergency data, etc.

- Transportation planner

- Translators

- Goal planners, reminders, calendar, etc.

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