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Medical Support

Depending on where you live or are when you need medical support, medical services are direct available or more difficult to access. Overall in Asia basic medical services are available in populated areas but lacking in rural areas. 

Furthermore it is not easy to understand which service, clinic or doctor is the best, to approach with your medical issues. Your want the best services and you do not want to spend money on the wrong medical services and advice.

Medical services and information are fragmented and you do not have time to figure out where to go when you have medical issues to take care about.

In case you need medical support the HealthCity App has all you need to diagnose your unwell feelings and is able to contact clinics, doctors, nurses, specialist and emergency services or get you immediately connected to 24/7 clinics who are able to connect you to specialists, emergency services and pharmacies.

The HealthCity App also gives you information about the diagnosis that has been given to you, treatment options, lists of doctors and specialists with quality ratings, cost, etc.

The App provides functionality to recover at home with monitoring devices for doctors, nurses and caregivers to monitor your health and recovery remotely.

The same for elderly care where the HealthCity App provides services to monitor elderly people who live at home and need daily or 24/7 availability of family members or professionals caregivers.

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